Stein Productions

As a dedicated System Administrator in Japan, my daily responsibilities are a testament to the importance of precision and expertise. Within the intricate web of IT, I navigate the complexities of networking, adeptly craft code in languages like C#, Python, and ASP, and steward the reliable management of databases, where Postgres takes center stage.

Yet, my professional journey is not confined solely to the realm of technology. I am also a versatile designer, responsible for conceiving striking posters and monumental banners that command attention on the grand stages of football stadiums, effectively promoting various products. My creative palette extends to the realm of video editing, where I’ve had the privilege of contributing to some iconic music videos, earning recognition for my artistic endeavors.

My story began amidst the quietude of Degerfors, my cherished hometown in Sweden, where the seeds of my passions were first sown. The decision to embark on a transformative journey led me to the serene suburbs of Fukuoka, Japan, where I’ve firmly established myself. However, my dedication goes beyond the confines of my profession. I share my creative pursuits with my beloved family, finding immense joy in crafting together, whether for work or the sheer pleasure of creative expression.

I also use this site as an image hosting website, especially for edits I do on Reddit.

You can contact me here for further inquisitions.